WebPage Maker in JavaScript (version 1.1.01)

See notes on script. Read on for details.
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Notes and History

Version 1.1.01, Sunday, August 17, 1997:

Fixed bug on list generator. It originally produced 10 times (plus 1) list items than what was entered. Works fine now.

Added 2 lines of extra code (including this history).

    So far, due to technology of browsers and my own capability, I must make this document available to Netscape 3.0+ (and maybe MicroCrap Internet Exploder 4.0, to those poor souls who use it). I can only append text to the end of the open document. I have, however, created many "idiot traps" that allows for less blank tags to appear. If you can think of anything else that I can add (no, not the crappy Internet Exploder BGSOUND and MARQUEE tags), email me at jhaskell@hotmail.com and I'll consider it.
Report any bugs to me too.

The Javascript Homepage maker: 1209 lines of code without word wrap.